Plants come in bareroot packages of 10 plants from DeGroot.

Varitey may be selected when order is picked up.

Varieties available include:

All-Star Junebearing

Ozark Beauty Everbearing

Quinalt Everbearing

Honeoye Junebearing


  • To enjoy fresh, juicy strawberries from your own garden, begin by setting plants out as early as possible in the spring. Spade the soil deeply and set the plants in double or triple rows. Strawberries also do well planted in containers. Runners should be removed as well as the first flush of flowers so plants can direct energy into establishing a strong root system. For winter protection, cover plants with straw or leaves after the temperature has fallen to about 20° F. Remove covering in the spring once growth begins. The bed should be replaced after two years as quality and yield begin to decrease.