Raspberries are a hardy perennial berry bush in southeast.  There are multiple varieties to choose from, including gold, red, and purple berries. Raspberries fruit on "second-year" canes so canes that have prduced need to be removed at end of summer. Annual maintenance of raspberries will keep them fruiting for a very long time!  Varieties hardy to zone 3 are preferred for the coldest sites, but many zone 4 plants do well in our region. 

These are bareroot canes from DeGroot and are guaranteed to grow.  If the plant you recieve does not grow please reach out to Gale Force Gardens for a full refund.

Heritage-Red: This widely planted everbearing variety is favored for fruit size, flavor, and firmness. Bears a moderate early crop with heavy yields in late summer and fall. Hardy to zone 3.

Jewel-Black: large black raspberries that are shiny black, sweet and flavorful. It produces excellent yields of superb quality berries. The large sized fruit is glossy black in color and has a rich raspberry flavor.  Hardy to Zone 4.

Royalty-Purple: is a summer-bearing variety and one of the heaviest producers. Its light sweet flavor produces outstanding jellies and jams. It is late-ripening and excellent for table use or freezing.  Hardy to zone 4.

Fall Gold: This everbearing yellow-gold raspberry is extremely sweet and excellent for fresh eating, canning, and preserves. Similar to red raspberries in all respects but color. They are vigorous and extremely hardy. Hardy to zone 3.

Latham-Red: This reliable favorite Junebearer ripens mid-season and is long harvesting. Vigorous, productive canes and excellent fruit with a sweet flavor make this a garden favorite. ‘Latham’ red berries are large, firm and attractive. Most popular variety; ripens in late June, cold hardy. Cut spent canes to the ground after they finish fruiting. Hardy to zone 3.