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Easy wave petunias grow vigorously and produce lots of blooms all season long.  They must be deadheaded to encourage the most flowering. Please see important information regarding pot sizes below.

Colors available are as follows:

BLUE: In the industry, blue is usually more of a shade of purple since true blues are hard to come by in the plant world.  

BURGUNDY: Pretty petunia with burgundy flowers.

FLAG MIX: Red, white, and "blue" petunia mix.

NEON ROSE: Vibrant pink petunias.

RED: Standard vivid ret petunias.

VIOLET: More pink than violet, this is a bright cheery pinkish purple petunia.

WHITE:Clean white petunias

YELLOW: Soft yellow petunias.

PURPLE: This is more magenta than true purple, for a deep purple select "BLUE" wave petunia.


    **********GROWERS NOTE************************

    These petunias are available in limited quantities in jumbo 6-packs

    They will become rootbound in these size pots if not planted by early May.  Please do not order 6-packs if you will plant them any later than early May or they will be rootbound and their quality will suffer.  

  • Which size pot should I order?

    6-pack or 3.5" pot.  Same plant, so what is  the difference?

    Wave petunias are vigorous growers, so they can become rootbound quickly in small pots.  A plant in a 3.5" pot will get bigger in the same amount of growing time as a plant in a cell of a jumbo 6-pack.  Both plants will eventually grow very large and flourish all summer, but the plant in a 3.5" pot will have a head start and fill out its container sooner.  The benefit of the 6-packs is that you get more plants per dollar spent.  

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