First, choose a location with moist but well-drained soil. This lilac does not like acidic soil, which is commin southeast AK, therefore you must add agricultural lime to the soil (at tiem of planting and annually as well). Also, be sure the site you choose has good air circulation and full sun for best flowering. Dig a hole approximately 6 inches wider and the same depth as the roots. Place the plant in the hole so that the crown is just above the ground level and gently spread the roots. Fill the hole with soil and water thoroughly. Keep the soil moist around the roots. Fertilize in early spring and prune after flowering.

NADEZHDA is a hardy rounded shrub with an upright spreading growth habit and light green foliage and purple-blue double flowers. Hardy to zone 3. Gallon pot.

MONGE – is an outstandingly showy and fragrant French Hybrid Lilac that produces an abundance of deep reddish purple single flowers with blue-green foliage.

PRIMROSE – this is a rare buttery-yellow Lilac that is much sought after but seldom

found. Hardy to zone 3. Gallon pot.

COMMON-The clusters of fragrant purple flowers that adorn the lilac bush in the late spring, means summer is just around the corner. They make a wonderful cut flower. Bareroot only.